Life can be unpredictable. Once you are in your home, you may find that you need money to cover an emergency or unexpected expense, or you may want to make an investment, start a business or even take your family on vacation. If you find yourself needing extra money, talk to the professionals at our office about a home equity line of credit, or a HELOC. A HELOC is similar to a second mortgage. You sign for your credit line on your home equity, and you will be limited to the amount set at that time. A home equity line of credit functions as a revolving credit line. You use your home as collateral. One of the advantages to HELOCs is their low interest rates.

Could you and your family benefit from a home equity line of credit? Our mortgage officers and other team members at Simplify Home Loans LLC are here to help you learn more about this type of loan and to handle the paperwork and issues that come with the application process. We are here to make home loans and refinancing as easy and convenient as possible so that you can focus on creating the future you want for yourself and your family. Call 888-690-1744 today to get started on the process. We look forward to helping you achieve your dreams and goals for home ownership.