1 At a low fixed rate and payment for the first 3 years

2 Starting in year 4 and on the anniversary date of the loan every year thereafter the following occurs:

  • Monthly Interest and payment due is automatically recalculated on the lower loan balance at that time
    –So it is possible for the payment to drop at this time and every year thereafter
  • Interest rate can stay the same, increase, or decrease a max of 1%

3 Rate can never change more than 5.0% over the life of the loan

4 You are allowed to lock the rate back into a VA fixed rate at anytime you wish with:

  • No appraisal required
  • No income verification required
  • No full credit qualifying required
  • No inspections required
  • No asset verification required
  • No out of pocket costs required

Hybrid Loan

Why Veterans Choose It

1Lower rate and payment

2You will only keep your Mortgage 3-5 years

3Payoff the loan balance more rapidly

4Accelerate the payoff of debt